Kitchen Sink: Iron Red

Kitchen Sink: Iron Red

This glaze likes to be applied THICC. Also, it smells bad, we know, that's normal. All of the examples in the photos were fired to cone 5, but this glaze should also work well at cone 6


At Midnight Ceramics we run countless tests in our pursuit of new and exciting glazes. Sometimes we make something that is really great, but not quite ready for production. Rather than waste these happy accidents, we would rather send them to you! 


We've been working on an iron saturate glaze for over a year now, and we finally think it's ready to go! In that time, we've been running hundreds of tests. After those tests were finished, we combined them and dispensed them into pints for you to use. It's a win-win-win; we get to cover some of our R&D costs, you get a discounted glaze, and excess glaze material doesn't wind up in a land fill.


This glaze cannot be reproduced.


This glaze is stable when overapplied or overfired. (Three coats of glaze was applied to the test tile before being fired to Cone 6 with a natural cool.)

  • Directions for use

    Shake well before use. Apply three flowing coats to ware that has been bisque fired to △05/06. Glaze fire to △5/6. Allow at least ¼” of bare clay at the bottom of the ware to account for running. It is highly recommended that you run a vertical test tile before applying to your ware. Differences in application and firing can make this glaze more or less runny, possibly damaging kiln furniture or artwork.

  • Safety

    This glaze is lead and cadmium free and is food safe when applied and fired in accordance with directions. Dinnerware producers must test their ware as differences in application and firing can produce different results.


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