Witching Hour (10kg Dry)

Witching Hour (10kg Dry)

*Click here to learn how to hydrate your glaze!*


Witching Hour is a shiny black glaze with silvery spots floating on a jet black background. The silvery black spots increase in size and frequency as the glaze is applied thicker. When applied too thick, this glaze can dimple or pinhole. This glaze is very stable, even when overfired or overapplied. 9 out of 10 witches recommend.


Allergy Warning: Eye of newt.



  • Directions for use

    In order to hydrate this glaze you will need:

    -p100 resperator

    -60 mesh sieve

    -An accurate way to meassure water

    -Two 5 gallon buckets

    Instructions for hydrating Witching Hour are included with your glaze.

    Stir well before use.  Dip bisque fired ware for 3 to 5 seconds. Allow at least ¼” of bare clay at the bottom of the ware to account for running. Glaze fire to △5/6. We recommend that you run a vertical test tile before applying to your ware. Differences in application and firing can make this glaze more or less runny.

  • Safety

    This glaze is lead and cadmium free and is food safe when applied and fired in accordance with directions. Dinnerware producers must test their ware as differences in application and firing can produce different results. Dry glaze powder has the potential to cause severe respiratory illness (silicosis). Please wear appropriate PPE (We suggest a 3M P100 mask) when handling dry glaze powder.