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Witching Hour (Pint)

Witching Hour (Pint)

Witching Hour is a shiny black glaze with silvery spots floating on a jet black background. The silvery black spots increase in size and frequency as the glaze is applied thicker. This glaze is very stable, even when overfired or overapplied. 9 out of 10 witches recommend.


Directions for use: Shake well before use.  Apply three flowing coats to ware that has been bisque fired to △05/06. Allow glaze to dry between coats. Glaze fire to △5/6. Allow at least ¼” of bare clay at the bottom of the ware to account for running. We recommend that you run a vertical test tile before applying to your ware. Differences in application and firing can make this glaze more or less runny.


Safety: This glaze is lead and cadmium free and is food safe when applied and fired in accordance with directions. Dinnerware producers must test their ware as differences in application and firing can produce different results.


Allergy Warning: Eye of newt.


Product images show three coats of glaze.



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